Flowers That Say I’m Sorry

The traditional apology gift is a bouquet of flowers and a heartfelt card, coupled with a few weeks of copious groveling for forgiveness. The right bouquet, though, can drastically reduce the apology time. The “I’m sorry” bouquet conveys several messages: giving the bouquet indicates that you know you were wrong and that you want to make things right. The card allows you to explain just how wrong you know you were and how very much you want to make things right. Finally, your choice of bouquet indicates how much time you spent trying to figure out the perfect gift to start making him or her happy again. The last option is very important. By choosing a flower arrangement that suits your significant other’s tastes, you are showing that you took the time to think about them and what they like. Since one of the major factors in arguments is failure to take the other person’s thoughts or opinions into consideration, an apology bouquet that shows you are trying to think as they do is a good way to show that you are trying to fix the situation.

Step 1: Find the appropriate flowers.

If you know your significant other’s taste in flowers, you may proceed to Step 2. Otherwise, think about clues such as a favorite color. What colors does your other half wear most, decorate with, or prefer? Look at their favorite items of clothing if you are stuck. If you still cannot find a favorite color, think of where your significant other likes to hang out in their home. People tend to decorate areas they like with colors they enjoy. Pick out the key color elements in that room that your significant other added personally, such as the wall colors or shades on the posters or art. If you are still at a loss, think of a favorite happy memory the two of you shared. This can be a favorite shared space, an object you bought together, or any happy event. Make sure it is an event the OTHER person enjoyed. (That awkward first dinner with your parents where everyone asked after your ex is not a good memory, even if you had fun.) Pick out one or two strong, identifiable colors from that memory and use those to guide your bouquet. Make a note in your card as to why you chose this shade: “The yellows and reds reminded me of our vacation to Vermont and how much fun we had. Let’s continue making wonderful memories.”

Step 2: Find a bouquet using those flowers.

Once you have a color in mind, go to an online or local florist and sort through the bouquets, looking for your main color or flower. Many online sites will have the option to search by color. Local florists will be happy to guide you to an appropriate bouquet.

Step 3: Write a thoughtful card.

Do not forget the card. Flowers alone are just plants; flowers with a note are a wonderful symbol of your love, affection, admiration, and deep regret at hurting your other half’s feelings. Avoid promises in the card, unless they are really necessary. (“I promise we’ll never fight again!” is not a good idea.) Be brief (unless you really messed up) and focus on how much you love the other person, how sorry you are to have hurt them. Close with a brief apology, a statement of hope that you can work past the conflict, and a reiteration of your love.

Purchasing at Flower Shops

Those who frequent online shopping sites are often somewhat put off by brick and mortar flower stores. There is no easy way to compare prices. You cannot instantly see reviews for the business. There is the pressure to seem at least slightly knowledgeable in front of the florist’s staff. By following these tips, you can find the ideal bouquet for your gift recipient.


1. Relax. The staff is here to help. Believe it or not, you are not the only person the florists have ever encountered who could not tell an azalea from a zinnia. You are also not the only person who needed guidance on the right bouquet to give to a specific person or for a specific occasion. Ask for help if you are lost or unsure; a good store will give you good advice, and gladly. After all, in the age of e-florists, excellent customer service is what keeps small florists in business.

2. Come prepared. Do some research online before heading to the store. Look at the big online florists’ bouquets for your occasion or person and see what flowers they recommend as well as what they charge for the bouquets. If you know what type of flower your gift recipient likes, run a search for bouquets containing that flower. Make a note of what other types and colors of flower the e-florist paired with your preferred bloom as well as the price. Once you have a basic understanding of what you are looking for and, on average, what you will pay, head to the florist.

3. Have a budget and stick to your plan. There will be a lot of very big, very showy, very beautiful, and very expensive bouquets. Remember that you are not looking for the most over the top arrangement on the planet; you are looking for a bouquet that will make your recipient happy. Keep an eye on the prices of the bouquets. Since these are professionally arranged, they may be more expensive than their online counterparts. (However, remember that you do not pay for shipping when buying in-store.) If you are getting help from a clerk, ask to see a range of recommended bouquets. This will give you a diverse selection of both flowers and prices to choose from.

4. Commission a bouquet if you do not see what you want. Florists build bouquets for a living. If you know what you want in a bouquet and do not see it, ask if they can make one for you. You can either describe exactly what you want, down to the last fern, or you can give the florist one or two dominant flowers to build the bouquet around. The florist will be able to work with you to create a bouquet you like. (However, keep tabs on the price per stem and whether the store charges extra for custom work.)

5. Remember a card. Many florists offer complimentary gift tags. If you are sending a simple message, such as “thanks for your help,” these tags may suffice. Otherwise, be sure to include a card. After all, you spent the time and effort to get the bouquet right — why not spend the extra two minutes and show the recipient how much you truly care? Below are some occasions where ordering flowers may require a more specific approach.

1. Flowers for Mother’s Day
2. Purchasing Flowers for a Wedding
3. Graduation Flowers
4. Funeral Flowers
5. Flowers to Say I’m Sorry
6. Ordering on a Tight Budget

Discount Flowers

There are innumerable benefits to the online flower industry. It is now possible to compare literally hundreds of bouquets side by side. You can evaluate and swap out flowers to create the perfect custom bouquet. You can send flowers and gifts anywhere in the world from one website. You can get gift and bouquet advice while shopping. While all of that is wonderful, the best part of online flower shops by far is the price advantage. You can get extremely good deals on high quality flowers, if you know how to look. But are the flowers still fresh? As always, the question of the relative freshness of online flowers is not absolute.

The freshness and quality of the plants depends on the overall excellence of the e-florist. If the original bouquet was shoddy, the discounted version will not be any better. Any time you buy plants on the internet, it is wise to run an internet search for reviews of the site. If you find that most customers had positive experiences, the site is probably reputable. If the site is reputable, you have excellent chances of getting a beautiful bouquet. However, if the site is getting consistently poor reviews, or if people are complaining that the discounted plants are truly awful, try a different e-florist. Why are the flowers so heavily discounted if nothing is wrong with them? This is a matter of supply and demand.

The online mega florists get regular, scheduled shipments from growers and flower warehouses, which replenishes the florist’s warehouse stock. Since the large online florists target such a huge audience, they usually move their stock out fairly quickly. However, if they have a slow week or over-order certain flowers, they need to get rid of excess flowers before the flowers wilt. Think of a pastry shop or bakery. Bread, like flowers, has a certain salable period. While it is best if bought right out of the oven, it is still perfectly fresh by the end of the day. Flowers are the same way. They are freshest when newly cut, but they remain beautiful and vibrant for a long time. The online florist’s discount sale is much like the typical end-of-day discounts at a bakery; it is the shop’s way of getting rid of perfectly good product that needs to go before the next day’s new product is brought in. How do I find good deals from a reputable online florist? An internet search is the best way to go about finding these discounts.

Most of the major online producers do have deep discount pages and hidden coupon codes. Some florists make them hard to find, though. If you have an online florist you like, do an internet search on “florist’s name” and “discount” or “coupon” and see if you can find a hidden discount page. Searching for “discount flowers” and “your town name” or post code can turn up local brick and mortar flower shops that are discounting merchandise. This is particularly effective after major holidays involving bouquets, such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. The changing of seasons and the early summer period when graduations are frequent is also a good time to check for sales. The florists will need to get rid of potted plants and keep a rotating display of stock on the shelves, which can lead to lower prices to help quickly move bouquets.

Buying Wholesale Flowers

While flowers add class and elegance to any occasion, buying enough flowers to properly outfit a large event can be prohibitively expensive. Hiring a florist to take care of flowers for you adds yet another layer of expense. This can make large parties, events, and weddings even more stressful and cost-heavy. However, with a little more work on your part, there are ways to diminish these expenses. If you are buying large amounts of flowers and plan on arranging them yourself, a wholesale or bulk florist may be the most cost effective solution.

Grower vs. Warehouse: What is the Difference?

There are two reasons that buying flowers in bulk decreases the cost. The florist is a middleman, purchasing from the grower or supplier and repackaging the flowers into bouquets. This step adds cost, both due to the retail markup and the cost of the skilled labor that goes into making a bouquet. Buying in bulk is also slightly cheaper because the warehouse can sell more plants. Because they lose fewer plants due to the flowers wilting on the shelf, the warehouse can offer lower prices. However, the warehouse is still acting as a middleman. They receive plants from the growers, sort out unsalable plants, and then sell them. This accounts for a far smaller markup than a florist would add, but is still more expensive than buying directly from the grower. If you can find a flower farm or greenhouse near you, they can probably offer a direct bulk deal. This is the cheapest you will get, but you will have to collect and sort the plants yourself. The grower will also have a far smaller and more seasonal selection than a warehouse, which buys from a number of greenhouses.

Finding a Bulk or Wholesale Florist

The Internet is the best way to find growers or warehouses. Search for your town or region and “bulk flowers,” “florist warehouse,” “florist supplier,” or “flower farm.” You may also want to look for message boards or forums catering to professional florists, as they will probably carry advertisements for warehouses and farms. Note that many warehouses require you to buy membership in order to purchase. If you are looking for a few flowers, this may not be cost effective. However, if you frequently entertain and need a constant stream of bouquets, or if you need enough flowers for one occasion, such as a wedding, membership is still worthwhile.

Practical Considerations

Whether you decide to buy directly from a grower, from a florist warehouse, or from an online bulk dealer, you will want to order a sample beforehand. Contact the florist and ask about ordering limited varieties. Note that you may need to sign a contract first; the florist will not want to accidentally sell a heavily discounted bouquet to someone who has no interest in ordering more flowers. This is a necessary step because you will want to play with the flowers and make sure you know how to arrange them. You will also want to check the quality of the plants and how well they match the decor or (in the case of a wedding) the dresses and bridal themes. Make sure you have enough vases, florist’s wire, pairs of scissors, and plant food to ensure that your arrangements all look as planned. If you have people helping you, you may want to train each person in one or two specific tasks, such as trimming stems and leaves or binding flowers with wire, in order to make sure the project goes quickly and efficiently.

Red Rose Wedding Flowers

Red rose wedding flowers are very popular. Flowers and flower arrangements bring bring life into our everyday life. Never is this so true as in a wedding. A wedding is a time for celebration and flowers will be present lo liven the mood, to carry as a red wedding flower in your bouquet, and as decorations for the Church and the reception. It has been scientifically proven that flowers and flower arrangements make people feel better, less nervous, less depressed. If you´re thinking of making some or all of the floral arrangements for you wedding, you might want to star by practicing a couple of months earlier by making flower arrangements for your house.

You can always improve the appearance of your house by buying or making flower arrangements. Start by going to a flower wholesaler to just look at the different flowers and foliage. If you´re having red rose wedding flowers, find a flower dealer who specializes in roses. There are many varieties and shades of red roses you may choose as your red wedding flower. Ask the flower merchant about prices during the time of your wedding and of different costs. Buy some roses, a vase, and some foliage and make a lovely arrangement for your home. Try to buy the freshest possible flowers and see how the shade of red coordinates or clashes with other wedding then colors you might be considering. If you´re on a tight budget, you might want to try to makes your own wedding bouquet.

The key here is to practice and practice, not wait until the night before to do it for the first time. Take a red wedding flower, or your chosen red rose wedding flowers and remove the leaves. A flower at a time couple two flowers, add a third and so on until your have a bouquet. Tie it with a rubber band and cut the stems of to the desired length. Tie a matching ribbon to the bouquet. To decorate it you may place crystals or pearls between the flowers, or push crystal or pearl pins to hold the ribbon. You can also use a red wedding flower to make a boutonniere. A boutonniere is a small detail that the groom and other male members of the wedding party wear on their lapel.

If you choose red wedding flowers, a coordinating red wedding flower can be used to make a boutonnniere. There are many styles but an easy to make one consists of a small flower matching the bride´s bouquet. You´ll need one flower flor each boutonniere, green greenery, floral tape, and a special boutonniere pin. Cut the flower leaving about two and a half inches of stem. Take a small piece of greenery and tape it together with the flower using the floral tape. Cover the whole stem. Cover the floral tape with a matching ribbon and insert the pin. For red rose wedding flowers, choose the most perfect roses for the boutonniere and try to have them be the same size. The decoration of your wedding will set the mood of the ceremony and of the party. Each element must be carefully thought out and planned so your wedding turns out just how you dreamed it would. There are three elements to consider when planning your wedding, the style of your wedding, the color scheme of your wedding, and the theme of your wedding. Formal or informal, classic or modern, to choose the style of your wedding you´ll have to consider your personality and your fiancee´s personality. Defining the colors is both a matter of choice and of taking into account the time of day and the season of the year. For flowers you might consider red rose wedding flowers.

The theme is the focal point around which all other elements will be decided. If from the beginning you define these three elements, all the decisions you will have to make will be easier.

The floral arrangements, the bridal bouquet, the seating arrangements, the lighting, everything will come together to achieve a mood with the aroma of love in the air. Considering a red wedding flower such as roses for your bouquet can be a very good decision. Red photographs extremely well. Delicate or simple, or an all out extravaganza, the bridal bouquet is something to choose wisely. Red roses against the coolness of elegant green orchids look amazing. A hand tied bouquet of delicate red tulips, or a combination of red and white tulips are excellent for a spring wedding. If the ceremony is taking place outdoors, a hand tied bouquet of sunnny red gerbera daises will bring smiles as you walk down the aisle.

If you are considering gifts for your guests and wedding party, continue wit the red rose wedding flowers theme by placing a red rose on each seating place. Other gift options are little red boxes of chocolates or candy tied with a bow or cookies shaped in the bride and groom´s initials. You can also find lippers or flop flops to hand out to your guests so the can continue dancing till dawn. They can be printed with the date or the couple´s initials. Remembering the small details will make your wedding unforgettable. If your wedding is taking place on the beach, red rose wedding flowers are an excellent choice. Red roses, whether used in the bridal bouquet or in the centerpieces, are very hardy flowers the can resist the heat and the humidity. Combined with tropical flowers, they can look hip and modern instead of using cliche seasealls to decorate.

Why Send Flowers Through The Internet World?

Is Valentines Day coming up or is the Christmas around. Is there a wedding on card or just might be a birthday you terribly want to attend but find yourself geographically far enough to reach. Well! In all such cases, the choice is pretty simple. Just send your good wishes with a bunch of flowers. Flowers make people forgive absences. These are bright supple, sanguine things and yet their gravity is mesmerizing. Flowers can bring instant applause and acknowledgement from a motley crowd.

Those whom flowers fail to appease have got to be stoics and cynics of this world. Forget those hearts cemented with thick splash of stoicism and move to the general world. Have you seen the everlasting hope and radiance that flower brings to a boy bewitched by a beauty or that a patient gets while being handed over a flower by an acquaintance in times of convalescing in a hospital bed. The look is pretty much the same when you look at a bride offering fabricated smiles to the world and becoming really joyous on receiving flower, the look is not of radiance but still hope and comfort combined, when you offer flower at a funeral. There is something unapologetically celestial about the existence of these beautiful things.

Today, you can choose to buy flowers online and send them to various places around the world. You just need to ensure that the flowers are bought from a reputed place over the virtual territory. Often, the virtual territory is being looked at with some apprehension. This is because certain swindling sites within the territory of E-commerce has brought a bad name to the entire clan. However, is it not the same with the Brick and Mortar shops of the world? It’s the mix of banal and the trustworthy. Look for the best flower shops via Verisign logo on display. This implies that the sites are affiliated to the Better Business Bureau. Also ensure the kind of firewall and proxy servers they use.

This is important as you are giving out your confidential banking information and you do not want any of that information to go out to a conniving hacker. Now, once you are done with these prerequisites, start looking over their interface for quotes, time of delivery and reviews and testimonials. Might be the testimonials give an impression of running too sweetly? Hence it is important to look for article directories and their opinion about the virtual flower boutiques. These directories and their associated back links have no business offering wrong reviews or biased testimonials. If you use caution then you will receive very best of facilities spread across the quarters of virtual world. Just buy and send a flower to your sweetheart. The world will become a better place.

Want To Send Flowers? Try The Internet

Flower retailing over the online territory has just become a mass craze. Gone are the days when you had to look over the brick and mortar territory for gifting flowers to your loved ones. It was time consuming for the purchaser and the order took long to reach a distant shore. Internet has shriveled the world and pleasantly so. It has ensured that those who got great delight in purchasing and gifting flowers get to do so with all the comfort of sitting at their home. Today, the idea of flower retailing has jumped borders. You have places spread far and wide, all looking to catch the last league of visitors. It works this way. The flower boutiques over the virtual world register their websites with a search engine.

Based on the quality of SEO measures undertaken and the White Hat techniques used, the sites get a ranking from the top search engines like Google and Yahoo. Now, when a person willing to buy flower over the virtual interface looks for a site; those that have the highest rating are being tossed up by Google. Potential buyer clicks on these sites and his journey begins. He rummages through a few sites more. Overall, he tries to connect with the general price structure of flower boutiques. Virtual buyers are an apprehensive breed. They can fork out twice the amount in a real world shop but they feel cynical about providing their account details. In such a case as this, it becomes important for a site to offer safety norms. Being linked to the Better Business Bureau gives lot of faith to the buyers. Also, they like to feel that the company has a firewall and a strong proxy server to prevent hackers from accessing their information.

While buying flowers online, they look for the best possible assortment of flowers. There are many groups and they bear different costs. The idea is to look for those flowers that can straightway create an impact in the heart of the receiver. Bright ones with diverse plumage work better. Lilies and orchids are a great combination. Chrysanthemums and glads work well together. Real and artificial flowers are a good cumulative. These flowers are arranged in very smart patterns and often amalgamated with cakes and cards for a higher vote. If you are looking to buy flowers over the internet, your rising concern shall be how fast the flowers reach the person you desire to send them to. Often, the better companies make it possible with great alacrity. The fresh aromatic impulse of flowers can beat the stoics down to romance. It is celestial, it is flowers. Just send them and look for the magic effect they create in their wake.

The Convenience Of Sending Flowers Over The Virtual World

Have you seen a would-be bride? Inside the steel exterior runs a behemoth of emotions. She is typically fragile on her wedding day. At such times, most of the smiles that she offers are fabricated. It is to appease the huge crowd that has gathered to acknowledge her social day. However, just give her flowers or send it via courier and her elation, one that transfers to her face and lips, is very real; there is not an iota of falsehood about it. Flowers make that kind of impression, be it a Christmas party or a birthday, an anniversary or a function, flowers light up every heart. They have that great radiance about them, one which automatically connects to the component of heart.

Flowers are breathtaking in their brightness and repertoire; lilies, roses, orchids, glads, bougainvilleas and many more types of flower bulbs. We are not even talking about the exotic tropical varieties which you have to be really lucky to procure. All such flowers, the kind child of God, has come within the domain of mass marketing today. If you want to gift flowers to someone, you just have to visit a boutique and order for them. It is not important where you reside or which part of the geographical compass you dot, the flowers are bound to reach your loved one in a day or les.

You can also look at the colossal catalog of internet. The expanse of internet is such that it has shrunk the entire world. If you are looking to gift flowers to your loved one, just run through various sites over internet. You would find a nice assortment of sites. These will let you compare quotes. Look for the cheaper ones and those that do not ask you for extra processing fee or any ulterior charge. The idea is to align to the services of those sites which have not learnt the art of duping a client.

We know how we get about sending a flower. It is an emotional thing and we do not look for bargains and negotiations in general. This makes the seller a little surefooted with his charge. He can fleece at will harping on your emotional side. Thus it becomes important to make sure that you look before purchasing. Well! There is just so much to choose from, the Diaspora is really breathtaking but you have got to keep your nerve intact. Your good wishes and the desire to gift a flower is most important but it shall not come at the price of being duped. While buying flowers online, always look for Verisign logo.

Send Flowers To Your Loved Ones Across The Globe

Are you looking for a purchase over internet? Well! It’s something we all do but then you have got to keep certain things in mind. Let’s begin with the firewall and proxy servers. If you are looking for a purchase, you would definitely have to fork out money. Can you do this in absence of surety that your confidential banking information will be kept safe and not jeopardized at any cost? If you know about the firewall being used by a company then you know their game. Second important thing is the Verisign logo.

Those companies which operate within the Better Business Bureau have a Verisign logo. It’s a stamp or attestation of their authenticity. If you are dealing with such companies you can be rest assured that you will not be duped. Third comes the product catalog and affiliate links. While it is important to understand that E-commerce companies are geo-tagged and have to make their sales within their geographical area, they might have links with other parts of the globe.

Next comes the price component. Over the world, the price component is perhaps the most sought out measure for judging a virtual site. Look for prices, compare quotes and soon you will understand what the general run of the pricing structure is. You have to be doubly convinced somehow.

Moving ahead, make sure that the choice you make has the backing of others. For this, you will have to travel through article directories and content interface lenses like Squidoo. These can provide you with the perfect rating of the company via their reviews and testimonials. Having done all the homework, you can punch in your card and get a purchase out of the bag. The product catalog has got to be decent but more generally, if you are dealing with the better companies of the internet, the catalog is arty. Today, flowers have become synonymous with a radiant and loving gift for all occasions.

They have shot through the barriers of flora and returned a winner in the marketing crazy world. E-commerce has lapped flowers just the same. Today, there are various floral boutiques operating over the virtual world. These let you buy the kind of flowers you look for and send them to any part of the world you desire. The choice offers an embarrassment of riches. There is just so much in the offing. You can take lilies, glads, orchids, roses, bougainvilleas and a massive spread of tropical flowers. These are scarcer as they are found only in their territories and are alien to the other parts of the world. Yet, they can be fetched through the virtual world if you are ready to pay the price.

Send Flowers Over The Domain Of Internet – Internet Flowers

Internet has pleasantly shriveled the whole world to the point of a village. It has created an amazing platform for buyers and sellers where they can both meet and sort out their needs. In absence of such an atmosphere, the buyers and sellers still met over brick and mortar territories but the choices were so limited. For buying a cloth, people had to burn gasoline and travel through the city ramparts. Today, internet has brought a crazy repertoire of sites selling various things over the virtual platform. The central idea behind such sale was of course monetizing but at the same time, the rebellious idea of internet marketing or E-Commerce cropped up so that people could procure things fast. Just like any other success story, even it was rebuked in the earlier stages. There was just so much that had to be talked out.

People were very apprehensive. They could not comprehend how a few clicks on the interface of their monitor could ensure that they get the product that they desire. And yet, with time, E-commerce settled its feet.

Today, millions of customers buy everyday through the net and send online love flowers across the globe. It can be something as day-to-day as vegetables and as rare and precious as a diamond set. Flowers can be brought over the virtual world too and with quite an elan.

Flowers bring so much hope and radiance to every person. Those whom you gift flowers cannot stop feeling over the world for a few moments. Soon the realization and exuberance settles down but still the fragrance and brightness of flowers remain captured in the heart. It’s quite a magic that flowers work.

Tropical flowers and exotic flowers are breed of flowers found rarely on earth. They are only to be found in their particular territory. For instance, African moon is found only in Namibia. This implies that for such flowers, you have to order online over their geo-tagged territory. However, a reputed flower boutique has many links and associations and it’s a symbiotic world so you can order a tropical flower of Indonesia sitting at the shores of Australia and still expect them to be delivered to a place in India. This is internet magic for you. If ever, you have thought of or anticipated the brightness over the face of your loved one, on getting a flower, you just have to gift it to her. Do so in most unexpected times. Receiving a flower from near or far, in person or through courier, creates its own sizzling effect. Take the help of the very best of sites and just select an assortment or bouquet of very best flowers for your loved one. It is a time when the heart shall not think about the cost imperative.